August 19, 2006

Marketing To Indian Women

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Marketing to Indian women – easy or tough? Well, it depends on how much one knows about the mental chemistry of Indian women. Marketing to Indian women is something of a magical art that has made or unmade many a career and company. If it works, it rains prosperity; if it fails, it brings misfortune. Frankly, it is a tough subject where one gets better with practice and patience. Here I have tried to formulate some simple rules of marketing to Indian women based on a few years of keen observation, experience, patience, and relentless pursuit of this esoteric art.

  1. Build warmth and trust first, sell later.
  2. Never throw all your cards at one go. Women love constant surprises. Small bites are preferable to a mouthful.
  3. Never fall in love with her. Let her fall in love with you. When she falls in love with you, she commits her mind, heart, and soul to the relationship and that's great news for any marketer. If you fall in love and she is hesitant, there are troubles ahead.
  4. Be patient. Let her tell you what she wants. Never guess what she wants. Trust me; a woman's mind is too complex for even a genius to unravel. Better option is to let them tell you. So facilitate the flow.
  5. No two women are same just as no two finger-prints are same. So stereotyping is fraught with danger. It is better to keep this truth at the back of the mind, always. Men will be men and majority of them will fit into one type or the other. But women are special creatures of God. Perhaps God hand crafted each woman while produced men at assembly line!
  6. Respect her. Don't fool around with her. Acknowledge her as an intelligent, loving, and caring individual.
  7. Emotions play an important role in her decisions. She is a bundle of immense emotional energy. Subtly play around it to your advantage without beating the drum about women being creatures of emotions. No woman loves being called a bundle of emotions. In fact, she hates it.
  8. Be chivalrous. Majority of women love chivalry. Behave like a gentleman whom she can take home to meet her mother.
  9. Speak less, listen more. Let women take charge of talking. They really know how to talk and love doing it. And the best part is that they frequently tell way too many things that a seasoned marketer is always looking for. So, look into her eyes, put a genuine smile on your face, and listen actively as she talks.
  10. Make her feel important, important, and important.


  1. Ajit Chouhan // August 22, 2006 at 10:40 AM  

    Makings of a Good Husband :-)
    Keep it up...lage raha marde aage chalke yahi kaam de tahra :-)

  2. kps // August 23, 2006 at 9:18 AM  

    Ha Ha Ha...Good one!!! I must say that being a woman I find most of your observations to be quite true :). Hmmm...It seems you are doing good R&D on female psyche :)

  3. Astha Jane // October 4, 2006 at 7:07 PM  

    The post looks like more of you being marketed than a service or good. But I guess either is fine because after all the maketer is a major facilitator :)