August 20, 2007

On A Lighter Note...

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Recently, after repeated exposure to the romantic advertisement of Pond's Age Miracle, I was wondering why no men's organization is coming forward to take up the cause of men. Well, may be because there is not even one men's welfare organization. But this advertisement is a cause big enough to form some organizations meant for raising causes for men. Well, don't get confused. Here I come directly to the point.

Sometime back fairness cream advertisements created a lot of fury. Things were said like it promoted discrimination. Some pointed to the projection of dark skinned ladies in bad light. And to add fuel to fire a lot many women's welfare organizations (ya there are indeed lot many such organizations in every nook and corner of India) took to streets burning what not. The universal judgment was - thrash the company making such advertisements and tag them anti-women and insensitive folks.

On the same note, does it not appear that the Pond's Age Miracle advertisement is insensitive to men? It portrays men as cruel creatures who don't take good care of their wife when their wife starts ageing and wrinkles start appearing on face. They regain their caring and loving nature only after their wives start using anti-wrinkle cream to bring back their youth. How crass, isn't it? I almost shouted, "Sue HLL…oops HUL. These folks are playing with the sentiments of caring married males." Alas! Not a single men's welfare organization is there to take up this noble cause of exposing the insensitive folks at HLL…sorry, HUL.

Now I can understand why men are in such a sorry state universally.