October 2, 2011

Working Under a Great Boss

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Great bosses are rare. If you get one, you must be one of the lucky guys out in the corporate world. A great boss is not just a boss; s/he is also a mentor and friend who you can trust.

So far so good. But working with a great boss is not easy! Because great bosses are almost always highly demanding and tend to create high amount of pressure in the working environment. They purposely do it. It is not that their intention is bad; in fact they always have good intention for their subordinates.

A great boss doesn't look only in present. They also have an eye on future. So they tend to focus on building capacity in their subordinates. Like an expert sports trainer, they stretch their subordinate's limits continuously to build higher and higher capacity. They use all tactics at their disposal to create as many learning opportunities for their subordinates. And sometimes that means asking the subordinates to walk on fire!

If you work under a great boss, at times it may appear that the boss is too demanding and keeps you on your toes all the time while pushing a little too hard. But take all these in your stride as the boss is perhaps testing you and grooming you for bigger responsibilities. If you resent, you may be slowing your own chance of progress.

If you have a great boss, trust him or her and take everything as a challenge to give your best. And while you keep pace with your demanding boss, be assured that a benevolent soul wants you to succeed and is always willing to help, guide, and stand for you. Perhaps it takes some good karma to get a great boss!