August 22, 2009 humble!

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A week back, a reality stuck me while I was watching dahi-handi festival in Mumbai. Heroes stand tall on the robust shoulders of non-heroes. I was astonished to notice time and again that after succeeding in breaking the dahi-handi, although the whole team was cheered, it was the Govinda at the top of the human pyramid who was the darling of his team as well as the crowd! Despite the whole thing being 110% a team effort, where every member's contribution was equally vital, it was the Govinda who broke the dahi-handi who was the hero.

Heroes are everywhere and they are cheered and glorified and many a time are credited with the entire success of an effort even when contribution of many others was equally important. But heroes have a responsibility on their shoulders. They have to remember that they are heroes because many other lent their strong shoulders for the hero to stand and perform his astonishing feat. Without the able shoulders on which he stands, a hero is as good as useless.

So heroes, be humble if you want to stay a hero for long! Acknowledge that alone you are good for nothing and credit your team for helping you succeed. Keep your team in good humour and your team will ensure that you are always in the limelight. The moment you start thinking that you are a hero because of your own talents alone, it would be the start of the end of your status as a hero.