August 23, 2006

Loo, Labour Pains, and Sales

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What's common between loo, labour pains, and sales?


While sharing a drive from office to home, I and a colleague were discussing some issues of sales management. At one point he said that his boss in his previous organization used to say that everything moved because of PRESSURE. My colleague further said that his ex-boss supported his theory of pressure by saying that in loo you would not be able to deliver without adequate pressure; a woman undergoing labour pains would not be able to deliver a baby without adequate pressure; and a sales guy would not be able to deliver optimal sales without adequate pressure. How true, yet so simple!

No pressure, no movement!

So all you guys and gals in sales get on your phone and apply some pressure on the keypad to dial the number of your sales reps and then apply some pressure on your tongues to deliver a pressure tirade to them so that they feel adequate pressure and deliver optimal sales. Hurry, only a week left in month closing!