August 18, 2006

Here are 10 non-financial signs that I feel are indicators of some future troubles for any business organization:

  1. Immediate bosses are disregarded and subordinates frequently jump levels for guidance on operational issues. And no body is bothered by this!
  2. Meetings are badly conducted, are never ending, and don't reach any conclusion.
  3. Analysis till the last detail but extremely poor implementation becomes a norm. In other words, analysis rather than action becomes the end of everything.
  4. Rationalization rather than confrontation of the issues and realities becomes the order of the day even at higher echelons of management.
  5. Servility rather than professionalism becomes the rule of the day.
  6. Highest disregard for time of self and others becomes an open secret.
  7. Personal agenda starts getting priority over organizational or business agenda.
  8. Promotions become dependent on subjective rather than objective criteria.
  9. Average stay of employees hired from other organizations starts declining.
  10. E-mails remain unanswered by majority of employees.


  1. Bruce Lewin // September 7, 2006 at 6:22 PM  

    Looks very astutue to me :-)