June 3, 2010

I Me Myself

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These days a special breed of "I me myself" managers seems to be growing rapidly. These managers start their talk with "I" and end with "I" without blinking their eyelids. It seems that the sole purpose of this breed of managers is self glorification without acknowledging the efforts of other members of the team.

What a "I me myself" manager fails to understand is that his antics cannot sway a seasoned manager. Sooner than later the "I me myself" monologue becomes irritating. More than irritation, it throws some deeps insights about the "I me myself" manager like:

"He cannot be trusted with a team."

"He can never become a team builder."

"He will always try to steal credit from his subordinates. As a result motivation of his subordinates will suffer."

"He can create negative vibes in work environment."

"He has limited leadership capability."

It is always better to get rid of a "I me myself" manager for he is a big liability for any team. The sooner he is discarded, the better it is for an organization as he is a virus that can inflict significant collateral damage.