June 4, 2010

Character of a Manager

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How do you assess the character of a manager? The simplest way, as far as I know, is to observe how he treats people who are below him. Everyone treats or pretends to treat his superiors with respect and dignity. But not everyone treats people who are junior with respect.

I have seen managers going overboard to the extent of openly buttering their bosses and people who can influence their career. But these same managers change colour like a chameleon when interacting with people who are junior or who don't have power to influence their career. I am astonished to see that even basic norms of courtesy are forgotten.

A great manager always treats his subordinates with the same level of respect that every human being deserves. He values the contribution of people junior to him and acknowledges it. He knows that treating people respectfully and fairly is the basic tenet of effective human relationship in every sphere of life. More often than not, this human quality helps a manager stand out in the crowd.