October 22, 2006

Nuggets of Management Wisdom #7

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Never hire a homogenous group. Promote diversity of thought and personality.

Often, while dealing with colleagues or team members or subordinates, we tend to get attracted towards those who make us feel ensconced in our comfort zones. The typical mentality is to work with people who are like us. We get attracted by people who we feel are like us and get repelled by people who we feel are different from us. But in the reality of organization and the kind of problems that has to be solved, the homogeneity factor is less effective and efficient than heterogeneity factor. Colouring the entire organization or a team in one shade is never a good idea as it kills creativity and discourages innovative solutions to various problems.

When diversity of thought and personality is present in a team or organization, it gets turbo-charged. A problem gets viewed and analyzed from various perspectives depending on the personality and thought process of the individuals. This results in a spurt in ideas to solve problems in a creative and innovative way. Even the friction – that often gets visible in a heterogeneous group – is fuel to fire creativity and effective problem solving if managed in a matured manner.

Where a homogeneous group approaches any issue or problem, it views it from one common angle; while a heterogeneous setup approaches the same issue or problem and views it from multiple angles throwing in numerous possibilities.

Ultimately, for an organization it pays much higher dividend if a culture of heterogeneity of thought and personality is cultivated.