October 15, 2006

Nuggets of Management Wisdom #6

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Never allow information, knowledge, or power hoarding. Ask all managers to be always ready with their replacement.

Many times there is a sense of insecurity among managers. This insecurity gets manifested in hoarding of information, knowledge and power. Though this tendency may give a feel good and secure feeling to such managers, it is disastrous for the organization. The worst aspect of this tendency is failure to develop and groom the managers down the order resulting in vacuum at some places within the organization. Once such insecure manager leaves the organization, there is no one who can immediately and effortlessly move into the shoes of the outgoing manager. And the organization suffers.

Another offshoot of this tendency is the improper dissemination of information and knowledge across organization often resulting in lack of right information at right time at right place. Again it is the organization which is at loss.

So the way out of this problem is to ask each manager at every level to be ready with their replacement at all times. This will ensure that managers invest in grooming people below them through information sharing, knowledge transfer, and delegation of power. This will result in a cascading effect that will ensure that the entire organization at all levels is well informed, knowledgeable, competent, and on top of the situation.