June 1, 2010

If an organization or its people are failing or under-performing, then the leader is to be blamed. The organization is worth as much as the capability of its leader to lead. Not any more or less. If the people fail to deliver results, the leader lacks the skill to lead. If the culture of an organization sucks, it is because the leader encourages, directly or indirectly, such culture. To sum it up, the buck stops at the leader's table.

When things are going wrong, there is no point in looking for scapegoats. One thing that needs to be carefully analyzed is whether the leader is leading the right way. In all probability he is not. For every ill of an organization, the cause leads to some element of the leadership.

If people are not performing, the leader is responsible. Either he has not communicated his vision properly, or he has encouraged incapable people to stay for too long. Or perhaps he has failed in putting right people to the right job.

If the organization is not doing well to deliver top line and bottom line, the leader has in all likelihood mismanaged resources and their allocation. Failing to diagnose business environment accurately to understand emerging trends and act on them may be another reason.

If culture and work ethics of an organization is a problem, the leader has failed in setting up processes that lead to desired culture.

So if one wants to analyze failure, success, or problems of an organization, the best place to start is at the top for everything at the bottom flows from the top!