June 14, 2009

Question vs. Answer

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What is more important - right answers or right questions? Questions seem to be more important than answers. Questions set the direction; answers reveal the way.

If a problem is not structured into a right question, chances of getting a right solution for the problem are remote. If a problem is paraphrased into a wrong question and then a brilliant answer is given for that question, the whole exercise, in all likelihood, would be futile. If the questions are wrong, answers can never be right for a particular problem. It is like asking for directions to go to North when you have to go to West.

Questions are the key to tackle any problem. The quality of solution to a problem is directly proportional to the quality of questions asked. Of course, quality of answers to the questions also matter but they are secondary in importance. Correctly answering wrong questions will lead to nowhere. Asking the right questions first and then coming up with right answers to them is the only way to effectively resolve of any problem.