June 9, 2009

Get interested in results rather than reasons for lack of it.

Have you come across people who have a reason for all the ills but never a remedy for curing the ill? If you have worked in corporate environment, chances are high that you have had an encounter with this special breed. These people are so adept at reasoning that they can come up with hundreds of reasons for a given situation in no time. But ask them for a solution and they start to fumble.

Managing such people can be quite a painful experience if you are not adept at straight talk. The simple and the most effective way of tackling such people is tell them straight that you are not interested in hearing reasons and instead prefer results over reason. In the whirlwind of reasons, result orientation is often lost. As a manager, it is of utmost importance to clarify that finding reasons for not making things happen is no body's job profile. Every job profile has a single minded purpose - to make things happen despite odds.

Experience shows that once you start demanding results rather than reasons, your subordinates get the message and they start investing greater part of their energy is busting obstacles to achieve results instead of inventing reasons to justify ills.