June 24, 2009

For every innovative initiative or idea you propose, be ready with your elevator pitch

Whenever you propose a new initiative or an idea, always prepare an elevator pitch as well. It's one thing to make a neat two page note of your idea but it is a completely different ball game to explain the idea in 30 seconds flat! Believe me, your ability (or inability) to make sense of your idea in 30 seconds can make or break your excellent idea.

Big guys who decide on the worthiness of your idea are often impatient. They may or may not read your proposal. Even if they read it, they may not give it all the seriousness. Very often, after sending across an idea or proposal, you will find that the big guy corners you at coffee vending machine and ask your idea to him. And the next 30 seconds may decide eternity or obscurity for your idea!

So before sending the mail about your million dollar idea, diligently prepare and memorise your elevator pitch. You never know how soon you may need it!