February 10, 2009

Unconditional Celebration

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There are some special milestones in the lifespan of a brand like silver jubilee, golden jubilee, platinum jubilee that call for celebration. They are excellent opportunities to celebrate the relationship a brand shares with its customers and other stakeholders. These are some rare occasions when the brand should shower unconditional love on its customers irrespective of their importance and the business they deliver. On occasions like these, true brands rise above business to create a sense of inclusiveness among its entire customer base and build their stature.

The very essence of celebration is lost the moment conditions become part of the celebrations. Conditions abhor inclusiveness. Celebration is seldom individualistic. It is always targeted at a larger community and tends to be inclusive.

Unfortunately, many a time brand managers tend to celebrate these occasions in a way similar to running a sales scheme. Celebration which should have been targeted at a larger customer community with representation from all strata of customers becomes more of an exclusive club party. The end result turns out to be dilution of a once in a long time opportunity to emotionally bond the brand with a larger community of stakeholders.

Celebration is supposed to be an act of showing gratitude and giving thanks. It makes sense to celebrate with as many stakeholders as possible and thank them for their patronage.