January 1, 2009

It is fashionable to predict trends. So I, too, am tempted to predict. At the same time I must acknowledge that getting the predictions on mark is probably too difficult.

Nevertheless I am daring to predict and here goes the "Marketing Trends of 2009" in Indian context.
  1. Brand activation will rule the roost.
  2. Co-branding will be actively seen in myriad forms across various mediums.
  3. Digital marketing will see a surge and will become integral part of marketing campaigns.
  4. Brands will facilitate creation of consumer communities to increase active engagement of consumers with brands to shape brand values and action.
  5. Marketing will increasingly focus on the aspirations of its targeted consumers and try to create a brand connect between consumer aspirations and brand values.
  6. Marketing and marketers will face greater scrutiny from consumers as well as society.
  7. Authenticity will make a grand return both in brand proposition as well as brand communication.
  8. Mobile phones would emerge as a key marketing vehicle.
  9. Brands will be seen increasingly aligning with social causes.
  10. Youth quotient in brands will matter more than ever.