January 3, 2009

Empowerment is the Magic Wand

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In the world of management, everything comes to naught without empowerment. A company can have the right people and right processes and still not succeed if the people are not empowered to decide and act.

Results are a direct outcome of action. Empowerment is the fountain-head of all action. A company where empowerment is a way of life always buzzes with action and delivers results.

A great company is never run by a motley group of individuals. It is run by each and every employee of the company. Empowering each individual to make choice, decide, and act within clearly defined boundaries of responsibility and accountability is the vital ingredient that makes some companies outstanding.

With empowerment, opportunities are identified and tapped as soon as they are spotted. Similarly, an empowered company solves most of its problems as soon as they erupt and before they become a full blown disasters.

Great ideas also flourish in an empowered company as empowerment facilitates innovation, enterprise, and risk-taking.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that empowerment is 'elixir of life' for a company.