December 23, 2008

People are the pillars of any great organization. Companies that understand this simple fact go out of their way to put employees on the same pedestal as customers because like customers, good employees too are valuable part of any business and are vital for sustained growth.

Here are a few reasons why employees must be treated with same respect as customers:
  1. Like customers, employees are the life of a company. Without customer a company can't survive and without good employees a company's customers wont get satisfied.
  2. Like customers, employees are a great source of business ideas.
  3. Like customers, it takes a great effort to attract a good employee and even greater effort to retain him.
  4. Like customers, happy and satisfied employees will rally behind their company and turn out to be a source of immense strength in difficult times. While disgruntled and dissatisfied employees can turn their back during difficult times and become aloof.
  5. Like customers, employees are the mirrors of an organization that tell the hard truth if the organization is receptive to constructive criticism.
It is easy to neglect employees and not be sensitive to them. But that would eventually turn out to be suicidal. Neglected employees and scorned customers can create hell on earth in no time!