December 19, 2008

Pursuit of Better

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"Pursuit of Better" is perhaps the magic wand that can transform companies. Striving to make things better than what they are today in each and every sphere of one's business is one of the surest ways to lead a company on the path to greatness.

How can we make our customers feel better? How can we make better products? How can we engage our people in a better way? How can we collaborate with our business partners in a better way? How can we become better corporate citizens? How can be become better at whatever we do? These are some of the questions that need to be asked everyday while doing any job.

Continuous improvement needs be integrated into the DNA of a company. Every employee of the company should think in terms of improving things under his areas of responsibilities. "How can this be made better" should be a constant thought at the back of the mind of every employee right from a shop floor worker to the CEO. In short, continuous improvement should drive a company.

If "pursuit of better" becomes a living, walking, talking, breathing philosophy of a company, better things are bound to happen!