December 3, 2008

Learning From An Achiever

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There are many ways to learn in a corporate setup. Hanging around with achievers is one of the fastest routes to learn the skills one would require to succeed in corporate world. Hanging around doesn't mean scheduling a meeting for a formal discussion or sharing thoughts randomly near coffee machine. It also doesn't mean accepting everything an achiever says as pearls of wisdom.

To learn from an achiever, one needs to observe him, not only when he is on the job but also when he is off the job. Observation of an achiever makes a great learning experience. The way he talks, the way he responds to a tough situation, the way he handles his subordinates, the way he talks to his superiors, the way he analyses a situation, the way he plans, the way he executes, the way he builds team...everything he does may be a source of learning. It is because most of his behaviour and actions are guided by his past experience, his failures, and his learning. Observing an achiever can give one some indirect experience of real action that one may have missed out in his own career.

With some observational skills and patience, one can cherry pick some of the most valuable lessons of one's career.