November 4, 2008

What do you look for when you are hiring? Is it qualification, experience, or something else? I think more than anything else, you should first check for the right attitude. A lesser experienced or a lesser qualified person having the right attitude can go a long way in her career vis-a-vis someone who is well qualified and experienced for the job but without the right attitude.

You can train a person with right attitude for a thousand jobs. Like wet clay, you can mould her into as many shapes as you want. You can fit her into different roles and yet find her delivering results. People with right attitude tend to rapidly learn the tricks of the trade on the job. They get into the skin of a role quickly. They are flexible and generally don't get emotionally attached to a particular role, vocation, or industry. They seem to be always on the move to deliver results wherever they are required. They learn through experimentation and are generally game for a challenging role.

On the other hand, a person without right attitude, despite having all the qualifications and experience, may not be a good choice in the long run. Without right attitude, people generally tend to be somewhat rigid in their approach to life. Quickly shuffling roles may be a little difficult for them as they generally enjoy being in their comfort zones. People without right kind of attitude may find it difficult to gel with an organization's culture. Over a period of time, these people tend to hit stagnancy.

Someone once said, "Attitude decides altitude." I can't agree more. You can go wrong with a person having right experience and qualification, but seldom will you go wrong with a person having right attitude towards work and life. People with right attitude are bound to shine wherever they go.