November 14, 2008

Having a few well-fed thoroughbred is always better than having hundreds of under-fed monkeys.

Many organizations often go wrong on hiring decisions involving the dilemma of quality vs. quantity. There is a school of thought that believes that an organization can be equally productive by hiring too many mediocre people at lesser remuneration compared to investing in quality talent at higher remuneration. Nothing could be more off the track. Quality will always score over quantity. On surface it may appear to be a good financial deal to hire 3 mediocre people at the remuneration of 1 superior quality personnel. But this policy, in long term, would normally turn out to be a disaster.

In reality, it is always better to go for fewer superior quality people at higher remuneration instead of too many poor quality people at lower remuneration. Quality will always deliver many times more than the monetary incentive of hiring mediocre talent. And quality will always command a premium!