November 29, 2008

Keep Non-believers Out of the Team

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When a leader takes on a new project or a challenge, one of the key decisions is about selecting a team. Selection of the team is one of the most crucial decisions for ensuring the success of a project. Although qualifications and experience determine the make up of the team, there is one universal rule for selection of the team for crucial projects. It is - "rule out the non-believers".

Ruling out non-believers doesn't mean filling the team with people who mirror your way of thinking. Any successful team has a diversity of opinion, views, and approach towards finding a solution. Critical evaluation of ideas, views, and arguments are an intrinsic part of a strong team. The make up of a great team is such that they agree to disagree. Yet there is one binding factor amid this diversity - the belief that they will succeed in their mission at all cost. There is a strong conviction that forces the team, despite diversity of thoughts, to find the best possible route to make the mission successful. The unwavering belief to succeed pulls the team through critical situations and keeps them glued together till they achieve their mission.

If the team has a few non-believers, it becomes tough to pull through tough times as they tend to infuse negative energy in the team and try to pull it down. When the going gets tough, which is a regular phenomenon in challenging missions, non-believers are the first to surrender and that affects the overall morale and determination of the team. When there are only believers in the team, they become blind to obstacles. They see only the goal.

As a leader, make sure that you only have people who believe in your vision and would not back out when it is tough. Building the team with a set of believers, having right mix of talent and experience, will ensure that half the battle is won before the start.