November 25, 2008

Keep It Simple Stupid And Act Fast

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Business problems are mostly simple. Commonsense is generally more than enough to solve majority of these problems. But managers tend to make them complex. The process of co-creation of complexity drains the managerial resources so badly that they never really have the energy to tackle the problem. The result is typically a vicious cycle of problem - analysis - paralysis - more analysis - sometimes committee formation - acute paralysis!

My observation and experience says that simple solutions are seen as weakness on the part of the manager to comprehend the ramification of the problem at a macro level. The general perception among managers, perhaps, is that business problems are too complicated for simple solutions. And the quest for complicated solutions that prove the mettle of managers keeps complicating the problem. The search for a perfect solution remains never ending while the business suffers!

In majority of business problems, a "KISS and Act" strategy would prove most effective. Keep it simple stupid and act fast!