November 12, 2008

Don't Make Life Hell For Your People

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Sometimes organizations inadvertently make life difficult for people who work for them. But the point is that when this happens, productivity suffers and as a result the whole organization suffers. Leaders must be careful that their decisions and policies don't make it difficult for people to perform well.

Sample a couple of worthy examples of such abrupt policies that do more harm than good:
  1. Product Managers being asked to share their PCs i.e. one PC for two Product Managers. Don't gasp in disbelief as this is a real life happening from one of the respected companies in India. Will this help cut cost or will it cut productivity?
  2. Guidelines for travel for managers - Avoid travel and if you have to then preferably use trains instead of plane even if it means spending 20 hours on train! Isn't it cutting cost at the cost of forcing your people to become idle on their productive time and exposing them to undue physical stress?
The simple lesson is - don't make life hell for your people. Your people are your biggest assets who work for a better part of their waking hours to help your organization do well and grow. Care for them. Trust them and their talent. Learn to value them. Never cut back on tools that make them productive.