October 23, 2008

So you have a product that you want to sell to kids. Well, before making a TV advertisement or a marketing program for it, ponder over these insights:
  1. An ad targeted at kids should be as real and natural as possible.
  2. Kids have high emotional appeal for parents.
  3. Don't undermine their pestering power.
  4. Get hold of kids' fantasy, behaviour, dreams, and aspirations; play on them.
  5. Kids like to collect things.
  6. Kids below 10 years of age believe what they see.
  7. Communication which shows them as "being naughty and playful and yet behave as responsibly as an adult" would definitely catch their attention.
  8. Simple message is sweet.
  9. Relationship aspect of brand identity is most vital for kids.
  10. Indian culture is still family oriented. Hence, for kids parental approval is of great importance.
  11. Pure entertainment is what warms up a kids to a TV Ad.
Based on the above insights, we can safely deduce that an effective KIDMIX should have the following:
  1. Pure entertainment.
  2. Ample helping of humour.
  3. Generous dose of parental approval.