October 30, 2008

Just Blurt It Out!

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In life as well as business, communication plays an important role. Many problems have their origin in poor communication. Similarly, solutions to many problem are communication centric.

Organizations are made of human beings. Whatever is said not only goes to head but also to heart. It is natural that sometimes people comprehend something which is completely different from the intended communication. Often, this takes a negative turn and people feel hurt. In such a situation, some people simply speak up their mind and let others know how they are feeling. In the process, they let others know whether they understood what it was intended to or not. So, speaking up helps the other person to know whether she has effectively communicated or not and offers a chance to remove any misunderstanding.

The problem becomes acute when people who are hurt don't speak up. This happens mostly if the hurt person is junior in hierarchy to the person whose words hurt him. If the hurt person doesn't speak up, there is very little chance that the person, whose words hurt someone, will know about it and clarify her communication if it was intended differently than what was perceived by the aggrieved person. As a result, the hurt and the resulting agony keep simmering and affect the relationship between people as well as productivity. Sometimes, this turn out to be a cold war that was never supposed to happen.

It always helps in such situation if people speak up their mind. Speaking up opens a window to clarify positions and remove any distortion in intended communication. But for that to happen, culture of an organization should encourage speaking up without fear, even in front of seniors. If people know that speaking up would not be taken negatively, communication related bottlenecks of organizational as well personal productivity can be sorted out.

Just blurting it out may resolve a lot of communication problems.