October 24, 2008

First 15 days of Bizaholic...

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Bizaholic has completed 15 days! During this period, some 45 posts were published and the template saw one change. Not a bad progress.

As far as content is concerned, we are still in experimental phase and content is evolving with each passing day. However, we have been able to give some structure to it as illustrated below:

Regular Columns
  • Monday Blues - Published every Monday covering some topical issue to beat the Monday morning blues.
  • Marketing Chutney - A fortnightly column on marketing, published on 1st and 16th of every month. It covers thoughts on issues related to marketing.
  • Bizaholic Thought of the Day - Management thought published every morning to give a head start to the day!
Apart from the Regular Columns, Bizaholic is updated daily with random opinions and thoughts, news analysis, and topical issues.

In near future, we are planning to add some more substance to the content by adding following features/ contents:
  • Interview of the month to cover thoughts of managers and leaders at senior level.
  • Daily Headline section - once a day link dump of headlines from various business newspaper websites.
  • Guest Articles
  • More regular columns (published fortnightly or weekly) on subjects like leadership, digital marketing, advertising, HRM, etc.
We hope you are enjoying Bizaholic. Please share your views on current content and planned content. Also, please suggest the type of content you would love to read on Bizaholic. You may write to us at bizaholic@gmail.com