September 22, 2008

Hiring additional manpower is a necessity in any growing organization. But often additional manpower is brought for all the wrong reasons. Instead of helping manage growth they turn out to be veils for protecting mediocrity. This is something to be wary about while taking decision to hire additional manpower. Very often optimization of the existing manpower would ensure that no immediate need for additional manpower is felt.

Always remember that quick-fix never works! Following are some of the situations (quick-fix temptations) which are not reasons for hiring additional manpower:
  • Having talented manpower but inability to get optimal use of them.

  • Incompetent manpower requiring additional hands.

  • Wrong person at the wrong place bringing in overall ineffectiveness.

  • Trying to find solutions for a business problem through additional manpower when the root cause is something else.
When should you bring additional manpower? Following situations may be the apt reason for hiring additional manpower
  • To manage growth and expansion in a rapidly growing (>40% growth) business.

  • If the existing manpower is over-burdened with genuine workload. A quick check would be to understand whether the current demand on existing manpower requires 120% of their energy. It is said that 100% effectiveness comes when someone's work demands 120% of his time (attributed to Azim Premji in the book GO KISS THE WORLD by Subroto Bagchi)

  • Changing business environment requiring additional skill set/ experience.
The next time you are thinking about hiring some additional manpower or creating some new profiles, ponder over the situations and try to figure out why exactly you want additional manpower. A little honest thinking would go a long way in maintaining the health of the business along with optimal use of all the resources.


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