December 1, 2006

Leading Less, Managing More?

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Are we leading less and managing more? This is what I asked myself this morning. I don’t know why this thought crossed my mind but it set my mind rolling for an answer.

What do you see around you? Is it quarter targets, bottom-line, attrition, disenchantment, micro-management, analysis-paralysis, frustration, routine, monotony, lack of creativity and imagination, heavy dose of organizational politics, distrust, etc.? If you are part of a typical business organization, it is very likely that your answer is yes; and if it is so then it is a sign of too much management and too little leadership.

Perhaps one of the prominent causes of too much management and too little leadership is short term focus that seems to be in vogue these days. The growing obsession with quarterly numbers and the resultant stock market drama is dominating the corridors of corporate headquarters. Quarterly numbers have become so sacrosanct that if you don’t meet your quarter targets you are doomed. But how good is this for the long term future of the organization? What kind of culture does it cultivate? Does this affect the motivation of people? Does this kill creativity and imagination in the workplace? Does this obsession with short-term open a Pandora box of other serious long-term maladies? Does this utilize the talents of people in the best possible way? Does this hamper the development, growth, and engagement of people? Is vision becoming out of fashion? Is radical thinking taking a back seat in favour of meeting short-term targets? How will all these change the course of business in coming years?

Think over it!


  1. Samir Kumar Mishra // December 5, 2006 at 12:35 PM  

    Mayank bhai,
    Its true that in today's corporate world the number of leaders are very less. People often co-relate managing with leading where as they are two different distinctions. Am not sure where this whole corporate world is heading and how much an individual can grow in this. But its creating a chaos all around for sure.