December 25, 2006

Leadership Wisdom From Sunil Mittal

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Today, there is an insightful article – The Risk Coefficient – in The Economic Times by Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal.

Mr. Mittal talks about the challenges before the new age CEO and the critical success factors in an economic environment that is ever evolving and is in a constant flux.

Key learning:
  1. Ability to take decisions amidst uncertainties is at the root of new leadership paradigm.
  2. Managing the current as well as future breed of volatile customers, reading their mind and predicting the future consumption trend.
  3. In this era of me-too products that flood the market place, the key to survival and success of an innovation is speed to market.
  4. Retaining talent and building a team around then is as critical as recruiting talent.
  5. The key to talent retention is building structures and processes that keep the organizational objectives and employees’ aspirations in alignment.
  6. Build adaptability in the system to quickly respond to changes in macro environment.
  7. Build a learning organization that promotes individual and collective learning as well as systematic unlearning of past knowledge that becomes irrelevant.
  8. Out-of-the-box thinking is one of the essentials of new leadership.
  9. The ideal CEO is one who has the spirit of an entrepreneurship, who sees opportunities ahead of competition, and who is not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom.