September 23, 2006

Questions Every Marketer Should Ask

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Some questions marketers should ask to survive in today’s ever changing marketing landscape:
  1. Am I driving the industry or the industry is driving me?
  2. Where will my industry be 2 years down the line? (Anything longer is too difficult to predict in today's nano-technology world.)
  3. How is my brand making a difference to my customer's life?
  4. What is my brand's heart share of customer?
  5. Can I measure customer delight?
  6. What if my product/ service becomes obsolete overnight?
  7. What story am I telling?
  8. What am I doing to hook future customers?
  9. Is my brand over shadowed by my advertising?
  10. Am I aware of all the moments of truth that my customer can have? How am I managing them?
  11. How is my brand making a difference to the world?
  12. Does my portfolio have shock absorbers?
  13. What my customers are telling me?
  14. Who are my potential competitors?
  15. How am I bringing my customer closer to my brand?
  16. How am I protecting my brand from any possible commoditization of the category?
  17. What am I doing to keep my brand relevant in my customer's life?
  18. What is my brand’s customer attrition rate and resulting cost?
  19. How often does my customer involuntarily says to my brand, 'thank you for making my life easier'?
  20. Does my customer consider my brand as one of her family members?