July 6, 2006

Today I have come to realize that it is not the quality of your work that matters but how you present it to people who matter. As a rule, in life nothing is perfect or ideal. At best, anything can be close to ideal. So if you do something that has 90% perfection and 10% imperfection, then people will focus on 10% imperfection rather than 90% perfection if you don't know the exotic art of presenting yourself and your work. But someone with perfection to imperfection ratio of 70:30 and having the gift of shrewd presentation can make his superiors focus entirely on the 70% perfection without even letting anyone know about his imperfections. Not only this, people gifted in the art of presentation of their work are equally gifted to make their superiors focus on the imperfection part of their competitors and distracting them from their competitor's areas of perfection.

Of course, the effectiveness of this beautiful art is also dependent on the quality of superiors and their talent to ask probing and discerning questions from their subordinates. But despite this, in general, people gifted with art of presenting themselves and their work shine and enhance their power and influence. No doubt that they are foxy creatures. But who cares? Nobody except the victims of this unique creature.


  1. SV // February 23, 2007 at 5:11 PM  

    Hi there, stumbled by chance on your blog, and read this post.
    I can't agree more...I am one of those quiet non-showy person, and I suffer everytime when I come up against such creatures at work. I have now decided that I will work only where people are more discerning & there will be respect & recognition based on work alone. Though I am still working on getting into that kinda work atmosphere !!! Wish me luck ;)