March 5, 2006

The Beatles Principles

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Strategy + Business has published an interesting article, ‘The Beatles Principles’, in its Spring 2006 issue. It draws inspiration from Beatles, one of the all-time most successful music bands, to improve teamwork and creativity in organizations. It is a wonderful article that tells, in an easy to understand language, some vital truths about improving the performance of the team and bringing more creativity to work.

The author has deduced four Beatles Principles:

Beatles Principle Number 1: Invest in and build face time between team members long before they are required to appear together.

Beatles Principle Number 2: Evolve your “songs” and bring the same level of ideas, new perspectives, excitement, and enthusiasm to your hundredth meeting with a client that you brought to the first.

Beatles Principle Number 3: Help team members become brands-within-a-brand by giving them a song — an idea or proposal — that will help them to shine.

Beatles Principle Number 4: Put exceedingly diverse professionals on the same team, mix specialists with generalists, and foster friendly competition to produce the best ideas.


  1. scorpio // March 5, 2006 at 4:03 PM  

    Followed the tag...
    and congrats on a very readable blog ... interesting to see the references to bihar... one of my favourite states... i've adopted it...